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ZanusEdit is a RPG creation program that allows you to make RPG roms without having to code all fundamental workings of a RPG engine and editor yourself. Things like Image Management, Tile Animation, Tile Based Maps, Translucency are hard-coded into the game engine, thus you do not have to program them yourself. ZanusEdit, is unique as a RPG editor in the fact that it allows for a level of RPG customizability unheard of in the world of RPG rom creation. Due to this, it will take longer to make a game in ZanusEdit from scratch then in a program such as RPG Maker 2000. But you will have much more control over how your game looks. But, included with ZanusEdit will be a set of templates that make it easy to make RPG rom in a short amount of time. If you choose to use a template, the work of scripting things like battle engines is already done for you. Of course, you can edit the templates to your liking after you create your project. During development, you can use the powerful Zanus Game Debugger or ZGD to debug your games, this allows you to quickly remove bugs from your games without having to compile and re-compile you game as you would with many other editors. After you are satisfied with your game, you can compile it to a EXE file for easy disturbution.

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