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Image Editor
The image editor is very similar to MSPaint, allowing you to edit the images that ZanusEdit uses.
55% Complete
rpg rom image editor

Tileset Editor
The tileset editor allows to edit the tilesets used in ZanusEdit. These, of cource make the maps.
80% Complete
rpg rom tileset editor rpg rom animation editor

Map Editor
The map editor edits the maps in ZanusEdit, these use the tilesets created with the tileset editor.
30% Complete

rpg rom map editor

This is to all of you that like April Fools Day: F* you, I hate people who are "Blonde at heart", far as I'm concerned you can all go f* yourselves.
As you can see, on the left there is now a "Description" box, where you can view the description for all of the items on the menu. Ya know, it takes forever to upload all the damned images needed for that menu on the left, so do not expect me to update it that often (Yes I know it was only a few hours ago that it went up :-D). I have now also added a link to Hotblood Gaming. You may wan check this site out, it is make by Kunio and Kabby. An interesting site.

New layout created
This announces the creation of the new layout for the ZanusEdit Homepage. It replaces the last one, which if you haden't noticed, really sucked. Also, I took a bunch of screen from ZanusEdit for the screens page, these are screens of all the editors in ZanusEdit and have not ever been seen before this point. Check the Screens page to see them.